Chat App


Chat App (Desktop)

Builded using :
  • ReactJS
  • Socket io
My Role in this project:
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Front-End developer

To create a simple chatting platform where the users can enter the chat room with only username. The user can send links and emoticon to other users.


To log in, the user is required to enter a username that only contains numbers, uppercase or lowercase alphabet, dash, underscore or an empty space. If the input is not valid, then the text would be red and user can not enter the chat room.

In the chat box, the users can only write texts with maximum of 200 characters and can not send an empty chat. The chat also supports links and emojis.

Note: The server for the live demo is currently not available

PS: Click here for the newer version of the chat app where both server and client side were made from scratch.

Chat App