World of Dogs

Project : 

Picture gallery website for  World of Dogs – The Pawfect Paws Place After a Ruff Day

Builded with:
  • JavaScript
  • Public API
My Role in this project:
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Front-End developer

To create a website where visitors can look up for pictures of dogs based on its breed and sub-breed. The main focus should be on the simplicity of the website, to make it really intuitive for the visitors when using the site. Every page should also able to refresh and regenerate new batch of photos of the breed/sub-breed selected (if available).


The website is build with a single-page application design to give more seamless experience to the visitors.

As the main focus of the website is to show pictures of dogs based on its breed/sub-breed, it is vital to make it easy for the visitors to choose between the list of breeds. That is why, selector is chosen as the main function to search the name of the dog’s breed/sub-breed. With selector, visitors can easily look up the breed they want and also easily navigate between names with the help of the keyboard. The selector also gives a cleaner and less crowded look of the page, because of the list is hidden inside it.

In addition to the selector function, a back button and a refresh button are also provided so that the website is easily navigated and provide the visitors with new batch of random pictures of the breed every time.

World of Dogs