About Me


Graphic Designer & aspiring Front-End Developer

I’m a skilled and detail oriented graphic designer with 5 years experience in print design in the Marketing department in a national TV station. I was part of a small designer team that used to work under a high pressure working environment with short deadlines. Have strong desire for new knowledge and challenges. Always interested on learning something new. Self-motivated and a fast learner person who picks up new skills quickly.

After moving to Sweden and after having a long parental leave, I decided to update and upgrade myself by taking a course on Interaction Design and currently I am studying front-end development full-time. Being able to have an insight of what happen behind the scene on both sides of the spectrum is one of my strengths because I can design with a developer mindset and on the same time code with a designer eyes.

On this site, I’ve curated some of the works I’ve done, both from my previous work and personal project for school.

Best regards,

/Devina Paramita