Website Design – HomeFurnished

Project : 

Website design for a custom-made furniture company (desktop & mobile version)

My Role in this project:
  • UI/UX Designer

To create a main page mock-up for a website of a custom made furniture shop.


Before I designed the high-fidelity prototype, I tried to figure out the users, the purpose of the website and the main customers of the store. From there I could create a persona and the basic functions needed to then help me design the look of the website.

Since the store is focusing on the “create-your-own-design”, the main focus of the page when it load is the information of the price, the current collection and the CTA to the creating page itself. This help the users/customers to quickly find their way to the page they want.

Other function that I was focusing on the website was the inspiration and the best seller products of the company. Again, since it’s focusing on the “create-your-own-design”, users might need extra inspirations for the look of the product they want to create.

Website Design – HomeFurnished