Toodo – Fullstack Project


A Trello inspired app – Responsive

Builded using :
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • SASS
My Role in this project:
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Full-stack developer

To create a Trello-inspired multi to-do list creator, where user can have multiple to-do list on a single board. On this board, user can modify the to-do list by adding items into it, move item between different to-do list, add and edit description to each item, edit the title to the to-do list and also the list.

In this project, both server and client side need to be created from scratch.


To log in, the users are required to enter a username that only contains numbers, uppercase or lowercase alphabet, dash and underscore. If the input entered is not valid, then the text would be turned red and users can not enter the app.

User can easily add items to each to-do list right from the board. Item with additional description show a specific icon to make it easier for users.
Each item it’s own information box where users can add description and modify the specific item.
The information box when a description is added to the item
When modify item, both from the board or the information box, users can double check their action with confirmation modals
Toodo – Fullstack Project