UI/UX Design – Sverigebanken Mobile App


BankApp Prototype for mobile telephone (iPhone).


User interviews, user survey, user journey, proto-persona, lo-fi sketches, hi-fi prototype.


As part of a school assignment, I was asked to create a mobile banking app that is easy to use and answer the need of the customers.

The Process


To get to know the users and what they need from a bank app, I did an in-person interview with 3 participants. During the session, we also tried out a few different banks’ apps to see what features are actually usable for them and what’s missing and what they wish available.

I also asked them to fill in a survey to complement the points that might be missed in the conversation before. This survey would also help me later on when building the persona.

Based on the discussion with the participants, the features that they felt were missing were:

  • The ability to modify the main menu (dashboard screen) according to the user’s needs.
  • The ability to highlight the advantages of using the cards issued by the bank.
  • The ability to alter the card (to be able to activate or deactivate it easily).


To see the steps that are natural and intuitive for the participants when completing a task, I asked them to create a user journey using post-it. This step is really valuable in a way that it shows exactly what the users are thinking/doing when trying to navigate their way.


Because the number of participants was not too high, with the data from the interview I created a proto-persona to help me visualise the type of user I want to focus on during the design process. I also added their behaviour while using the application to help me out with pin-pointing the core problem.


Rough sketches were made from the ideas collected from the interview and the proto-persona. I tried to focus on the feature on the landing page that the user can delete a coming transaction with a simple drag-and-click pattern, without having to navigate through the menu. Another feature that I wanted to highlight was the user’s ability to set the primary account and make it the most prominent option on the landing page. Easier for users to check on their balance and do transfers into or out of the account.

The Result

UI/UX Design – Sverigebanken Mobile App